Moonology Diary 2019

Yasmin Boland

ISBN: 9781788170222
Published: July 2018

Price: $19.99

Condition: New

Following the popularity of Yasmin Boland's Moonology- Working with the Magic of Lunar Cycles, now comes the Moonology Diary 2019 to help you harness the Moon's mystical powers and breathe magic into your everyday life.
In this weekly diary, each day is marked with the corresponding lunar phase and its specific astrological sign on the day. Yasmin explains how the New and Full Moon will impact your life in each month, and guide you to ask the right questions of the New Moon. Illustrated with beautiful mystical designs, this dairy is an inspiring toll to help you practice your knowledge of lunar magic. It includes-
* Invocations for the New Moon to help you connect with its power.
* New Moon wishlist- write down your goals and dreams, and channel the New Moon's power to achieve them.
* Key events in the lunar cycle to watch out for.
Make 2019 the year you really connect to the Moon's natural powers and use it to create the life you want.

  • Format:
  • ISBN: 9781788170222
  • Published: July 2018
  • Publisher: Hay House UK Ltd
  • Number of pages: 240
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  • Weight (g): 207


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