The Greatest Mysteries...Ever!

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ISBN: 9781760523176
Published: January 2018

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Explore the most baffling puzzles, conundrums and secrets from throughout the ages. The world is full of grey areas, enigmas and unsolved mysteries, which can fascinate, intrigue and occasionally annoy in equal measure. From the gruesome murders committed by Jack the Ripper to the mystery of the missing Nazi gold, this book sheds light on these questions, some of which may never yield definitive answers.

The Greatest Mysteries ... Ever! takes a look at those baffling puzzles, conundrums and secrets that have defied explanation through the ages and attempts to crack history's greatest riddles.

- It tries to establish the truth behind well-known legends, including Atlantis, King Arthur and the abominable snowman.
- It looks at questions of identity, such as who sat for the Mona Lisa? Who wrote Shakespeare's plays? And who does the Turin Shroud show?
- And it sifts through the evidence if some unexplained disappearances, including Amelia Earhart, the crew of the Mary Celeste and the Zodiac Killer.

Of course, the solution often remains tantalizingly just out of reach. But, in the end, it is exactly this sense of mystery that attracts us to these unfinished stories in the first place.

  • Format:
  • ISBN: 9781760523176
  • Published: January 2018
  • Publisher: Murdoch Books
  • Number of pages: 144
  • Width (mm): 140
  • Height (mm): 210
  • Depth (mm): Not specified
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