Before the Coffee Gets Cold: Tales From the Cafe by Toshikazu Kawaguchi

Woden, Kotara & Burnside

What’s this? A sequel that’s actually...good?! Toshikazu Kawuguchi’s 2019 novella, Before the Coffee Gets Cold, gained a cult following for its philosophical musings, unique concept and uplifting vibes. The sequel, Before the Coffee Gets Cold: Tales from the Cafe continues the story of the magical Japanese coffee shop that allows its clientele to time-travel. This time around, readers will learn more about the cafe’s owners and regulars. I was delighted to delve deeper into the story of the cafe’s resident ghost. Of course, there are stories of time-travel and characters who want to resolve big questions in their lives, and these stories are just as heart-breaking and beautiful as they were in the first book. I confess that I was moved to tears. Now is the time to read books that make us feel hopeful, and remind us of the good within humans - which is why you should pick up this book. – Carla

As a big fan of the original book, I was so excited for this instalment to be released! While in my opinion the first book is perfect and difficult to top, this collection of tales from the cafe captures the same beautiful and bittersweet essence as the original. Guilt is the core theme of this book, and Kawaguchi explores this so beautifully though five different character relationships. I love this world and hope there are more tales from the cafe to come. – Amy

I thoroughly enjoyed Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi and was very happy when Tales From the Cafe came out last year. It followed straight on from the first with some beautiful updates on the families involved in the original stories. This is a lovely gift book with beautiful beginnings and happy endings. I love how the stories don't wait, everyone knows about the time travel cafe, there are no unusual twists, it's just pure joy, and ... brings on a need to drink more coffee. – Tricia