Free Food for Millionaires by Min Jin Lee


Free Food For Millionaires follows the life of Casey Han and her pursuit of the American Dream. Daughter of first-generation Korean immigrants and a recent graduate from Princeton, she is well groomed and refined with a natural talent at golf. However, she is also unemployed, prideful to a fault and smokes a few too many cigarettes. The novel follows Casey through her many triumphs and epic failures, often clashing with her family's traditional Korean ideals and expecations of her. Min Jin Lee explores the clash of paradigms between generations and cultures musing on themes of religion, love, sex, class and wealth, ultimately constructing a beguiling saga that follows in the steps of Austen and George Elliot. A grand and accomplished novel about the American Dream and the nature of love, in all its complexities and beauty. This gorgeous novel is being adapted by Netflix so be sure to check it out! – Ash