Hollowpox: The Hunt for Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend


"I can’t overstate how much I loved this! The third instalment of the Nevermoor series certainly didn’t disappoint and might even be my favourite so far. Perhaps because of how pertinent the subject matter is...

In Hollowpox we see the Free State of Nevermoor plunged into a pandemic frenzy not dissimilar to our own, where peaceable Wunimals turn into mindless, vicious unnimals on the hunt. Jessica Townsend wrote this book long before the coronavirus plagued us, but she got the ins-and-outs of pandemic life so right, from the isolation to the very public bigotry that comes along with a disease/virus/affliction that is predominantly associated with certain groups of people. It is my assumption that inspiration was likely taken from the way the world responded to the AIDS pandemic; who could have foreseen that it would again be so relevant in 2020?

“The thing about numpties, Mog, is that they can always find plenty of other numpties to believe their numpty nonsense,” sagely quips Morrigan's patron Jupiter North about some of the responses to the Hollowpox. 

To me, Nevermoor is such a successful series so far; it tackles large, complex moral issues without being too overt or inaccessible for young readers. Author Townsend to this point has managed to maintain the whimsy of the first book right through – the series takes on big ideas without getting excessively dark (unlike some other series that Shall Not Be Named).

My only problem with this book is that I’ve read it prior to release so I have even longer to wait for the next instalment – you best believe I’m hanging on the edge of my seat to see what comes next. I can’t wait to continue placing this series in the hands of young readers, it’s such a gem."  Georgia