Jane in Love by Rachel Givney


This Mother's Day I will be gifting...

The charming Jane in Love by Rachel Givney. Based on the novel concept of Jane Austen time-travelling to the 21st century and falling in love, Jane in Love is a delightful and moving read. This highly imaginative idea, and the depiction of a young Austen in love with a man and the ‘magic’ of the 21st century, were so well-executed and carefully drawn that I now convinced that it was all true. So if you ask me, Jane Austen DID time-travel and get excited about light switches and ‘self-inking quills’ and meet a hot modern man – Givney’s writing is deft, bright and convincing. I adored the characterisation of Jane, and the friends she met in the 21st century were compelling and fun. I loved the focus on Jane Austen herself (rather than on her fictional creations) and the ensuing exploration of the role of women over the centuries. If you’re curious about the life of Jane Austen and yearn for bonnets and the lovely language of the Regency period, and if you love a bit of time-travel-related comedy and romance, then you, too, will be enamoured by Jane in Love. – Carla