Red Notice by Bill Browder


  • Harry Hartog Warringah
    Temporarily Closed due to Lockdown.

For fans of Ben Macintyre’s The Spy and the Traitor!

The most shocking part of Bill Browder’s story is that it is true and occurred less than 10 years ago. Browder, the grandson of America’s most notorious communist sets out to be the biggest investment banker in post-Soviet Russia. Browder details his experience in high finance, engagement with the world billionaires and his attempt to challenge corruption in Russia’s newly minted private sector. His success is what becomes his downfall, and his increasingly perilous relationship with Russia’s oligarchs draws Putin’s attention. Whilst he and his family manage to leave Russia in time, one of his lawyers is not so fortunate. What ensues is the details of the most documented case of human rights abuse in history. The response of the Obama administration and the world attention on Putin’s regime helps to expose the prevailing corruption in contemporary Russia. – Bronte