Send Nudes by Saba Sams


“Send Nudes” is one of the most beautiful short story collections I’ve read in a long time. Think the grittiness of Otessa Moshfegh meets the sharp clarity of Sally Rooney. Each short story is told through the perspective of a different woman and each is as strange yet wonderfully written as the last; her characters occupy fully realised worlds and for the few pages that they exist they exist so vibrantly. Sams explores the nuances of female friendships, imbalanced relationships, body image, family, selfhood, and so much more. Her female characters take up space and bare their souls and their minds unashamedly, and sometimes they are just plain unhinged. The voice and tone throughout is witty, and incisive, and sometimes brutal - it can break your heart in a single devastating sentence. But it’s also imbued with such a lasting sense of hopefulness that has stayed with me long after I put this book down. Sams doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities of life but it’s never depressing; it’s just... human. Please read this book. Sophie

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