The Morbids by Ewa Ramsey


"Ever since an accident two years ago, Caitlin's existence has been defined by overwhelming anxiety about her own death. She used to be climbing the career ladder and planning an overseas trip with her best friend; now she's left her job, drinks copiously and has isolated herself in her efforts to hide her crippling fear from friends and family. Ramsey delves into Caitlin's life with a wry, dark humour and a tender touch, making you ache for the person she was and the half life she's living now.
The Morbids will hit close to home for many readers, ranging from those who have lived with anxiety for decades to those who may never have experienced it until this particular tumultuous year. Although it has moments of darkness, it's a love letter to friendship, emotional intimacy and perseverance – exactly the kind of book we need right now." - Elle

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