The Safe Place by Anna Downes

Green Hills

Recently unemployed, struggling actress Emily has also just found out that she needs to find somewhere new to live. Could things get any worse? So when her very attractive, very rich, ex-boss (of all people) asks her to move to his luxurious property in the south of France to work as a live-in helper to his wife and daughter, she doesn’t hesitate to accept. A change of scenery is just what she needs, right?
Once settled in, Emily seriously cannot believe her luck. The estate is simply gorgeous, and Nina and her young daughter Aurelia are friendly and welcoming. However, as time goes on Emily suspects that everything isn’t quite as it seems on the surface. Why won’t Nina allow Emily to enter the main house? Why can’t Aurelia sit in the sun for too long? Is the fact that she cannot get mobile phone reception just because they are in a remote location? As Emily attempts to discover answers to her mounting questions, she begins to fear for her safety.
Told from alternating perspectives, this book will have you guessing right to the heart stopping end. If you love a good twisty crime thriller as much as I do, The Safe Place will not disappoint. - Melissa