Wheatbags Love


  • Harry Hartog Burnside Village
    08 8338 0920
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These Wheatbags impress and excel in every way I need them to – shape/design, heat retention, and scent. The traditional wheatbag is doubled up in the box, but when you pull it out it is one long pouch, ready and perfect for stiff shoulders, sitting in your lap on the couch, or thrown under the covers before you are ready to get into bed on a cold night. No matter how many times I use it, it still has its beautiful lavender scent, and I find I have to reheat it far less than any other wheat bag I’ve used! You can also pop them in the freezer. This was my saviour last winter, and I can’t wait to rave to all our customers about it again coming up to the cooler months. – Emma