With A Mind To Kill by Anthony Horowitz


Having previously crafted a prequel (Forever and a Day); told an adventure from the middle of OO7's career (Trigger Mortis) bestselling author Horowitz returns for one last affair taking place in the wake of the events Ian Fleming's final novel The Man With The Golden Gun. It's 1965 and Bond is sent on a dangerous mission behind the Iron Curtain to bring down a conspiracy threatening world peace and stability.

Bond is reaching the twilight of his career as a blunt instrument for her Majesty's government. He's older, wiser and has begun to reflect more on who he is, his past actions and his place in the world in general. While mostly a character piece there are still the requisite action scenes including a thrilling prison break and a knife fight in a deserted subway station.

I have enjoyed all three of Horowitz's novels but found this one particularly compelling and reminiscent of my favourite Fleming novel From Russia, With Love. The focus on Bond's internal reflection reminded me a lot of Fleming's own later novels as he neared the end of his life. David