Scientific Writing and Communication

Papers, Proposals, and Presentations

Angelika Hofmann

ISBN: 9780190278540
Published: December 2016

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Scientific Writing and Communication: Papers, Proposals, and Presentations, Third Edition, covers all the areas of scientific communication that a scientist needs to know and master in order to successfully promote his or her research and career. This unique "all-in-one" handbook begins with a discussion of the basic principles of scientific writing style and composition and then applies these principles to writing research papers, review articles, grant
proposals, research statements, and resumes, as well as to preparing academic presentations and posters. FEATURES A practical presentation carefully introduces basic
writing mechanics before moving into manuscript planning and organizational strategies. Extensive hands-on guidance for composing scientific documents and presentations then follows.Relevant and multidisciplinary examples selected from real research papers and grant proposals by writers ranging from students to Nobel Laureates illustrate clear technical writing and common mistakes that one should avoid.Annotated text passages
bring the writing principles and guidelines to life by applying them to real-world, relevant, and multidisciplinary examples.Extensive end-of-chapter exercise sets provide the opportunity to review style
and composition principles and encourage readers to apply them to their own writing.Writing guidelines and revision checklists warn scientists against common pitfalls and equip them with the most successful techniques to revise a scientific paper, review article, or grant proposal.The book's clear, easy-to-follow writing style appeals to both native and non-native English speakers; special ESL features also point out
difficulties experienced primarily by non-native speakers.Tables and lists of sample sentences and phrases aid in composing different sections of a scientific paper, review article, or grant
proposal.Thorough attention to research articles advises readers on composing successful manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals from initial drafting to the response to reviewers.Comprehensive coverage of grant writing guides scientists through the entire process of applying for a grant, from the initial letter of inquiry to proposal revision and submission.

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  • ISBN: 9780190278540
  • Published: December 2016
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press Inc
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