The Mind Strength Method

Four Steps to Curb Anxiety, Conquer Worry and Build Resilience

Jodie Lowinger

ISBN: 9781922351388
Published: March 2021

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For readers of The Resilience Project, fans of Brene Brown, comes the tried-and-tested method that has helped thousands turn anxiety into action.

'Jodie has an extraordinary desire to help those struggling with anxiety. Her knowledge on the topic is quite remarkable, so too her drive to make a difference to people's lives. The Mind Strength Method is hugely beneficial for anyone looking to get the best out of both themselves and those around them. At a time where the world is struggling with anxiety and depression, it is good to know that programs such as Jodie's truly make a difference.' HUGH VAN CUYLENBURG, author The Resilience Project

'We live in a fretful age. Certainties are collapsing. Demands are multiplying. Anxiety is an epidemic. Luckily, Dr Lowinger has the measure of your amygdala. In this book she explains the "flight, fight or freeze" response that drives so much of our stress. But her real gift is her techniques for reframing those responses to return power and strength to our daily lives. Read it.' HUGH RIMINTON, journalist

'If you or your child wants to build resilience in the face of stress and anxiety, read this book. Now.' APRIL PALMERLEE, CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia

'Dr Jodie's method has helped me so much and I know this practical resource will help so many others work through anxiety. I can't wait to share it with the world!' LAURA HENSHAW, co-founder KIC

'Dr Jodie Lowinger's ability to distill down and simplify life's complexities into useful tools that can be applied everyday in both personal and professional situations is incredible. I would highly recommend this in both a personal and professional context. Very empowering!' BRIAN SIEMSEN, Global CEO, Claim Central Consolidated, and ex NRL football player

'Whether you need help in your personal life or in business or both, Jodie's Mind Strength methods are remarkable and I highly recommend her.' VINCE FROST

'Kiss your old life and habits goodbye! Dr Jodie delivers multiple lightbulb moments as she shows readers the true strength we each possess for real mental change - both personally and professionally.' ROBIN ROBERSON, managing director, Claim Central North America

'Dr Jodie's Mind Strength Method is a must! Her calm and constant nature is unique, as is her empathetic and encouraging take on building resilience and courage, and overcoming adversity. Her advice and techniques help tackle challenging situations in a constructive and uncomplicated manner. This mood-boosting book is packed with positive and practical ways to live the best life you can, create confidence, reduce stress, and take back control of your life.' KERRI MCCALLUM, Editor-in-chief, NewsCorp

'The Mind Strength Method is a must read book for those suffering anxiety or anyone who deals with stress. Some simple and achievable tools for navigating a busy and unpredictable lifestyle which is most of us really! Combining the fundamentals of neuroscience, psychology and positive thinking, the Mind Strength Method is the "Google maps" for navigating anxiety, stress and a busy life.' ASSOCIATE PROF RALPH MOBBS, neurosurgeon

What if you could turn anxiety into your superpower? Dr Jodie Lowinger - clinical psychologist, executive coach and founder of The Anxiety Clinic - is at the forefront of mental health practice and, in a world where approximately one in four people experience challenging anxiety, has directly helped thousands. Through her Mind Strength Methodology, and now in her first book, Dr Jodie offers a logical and practical toolkit using the best evidence-based techniques to:

- overcome fear-driven thoughts and behaviours and turn them into empowered action
- break free from being bossed around by worry and your inner critic
- build a resilient, high-performance mindset.

Woven through with relatable case studies, simple diagrams and illustrations, The Mind Strength Method challenges the stories you've been telling yourself and helps you to move forward in your life with enhanced confidence, resilience, happiness and wellbeing. It is a go-to guide for anyone who feels they are caught in fight-or-flight mode and a must-read book in the midst of uncertainty.

  • Format:
  • ISBN: 9781922351388
  • Published: March 2021
  • Publisher: Murdoch Books
  • Number of pages: 312
  • Width (mm): 153
  • Height (mm): 234
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  • Weight (g): 390

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