The Spice Islands in Prehistory

Archaeology in the Northern Moluccas, Indonesia

Peter Bellwood (Edited by)

Published: June 2019

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monograph reports the results of archaeological investigations undertaken in
the Northern Moluccas Islands (the Indonesian Province of Maluku Utara) by
Indonesian, New Zealand and Australian archaeologists between 1989 and 1996.
Excavations were undertaken in caves and open sites on four islands
(Halmahera, Morotai, Kayoa and Gebe). The cultural sequence spans the past
35,000 years, commencing with shell and stone artefacts, progressing through
the arrival of a Neolithic assemblage with red-slipped pottery, domesticated
pigs and ground stone adzes around 1300 BC, and culminating in the appearance
of Metal Age assemblages around 2000 years ago. The Metal Age also appears to
have been a period of initial pottery use in Morotai Island, suggesting interaction
between Austronesian-speaking and Papuan-speaking communities, whose
descendants still populate these islands today.

The 13 chapters in the volume have multiple authors, and include site
excavation reports, discussions of radiocarbon chronology, earthenware
pottery, lithic and non-ceramic artefacts, worked shell, animal bones, human
osteology and health.

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