Bookseller, Harry Hartog's Green Hills shop

Getting children reading has always been a passion of mine. I've worked in early childhood for many years and have worked in the book industry for over ten years. As a Children's Reading Specialist, I am always growing my knowledge of children's literature so if you ever see me staring intently at a picture book, its not just because I need an easy read that day. What I won't be recommending for the children is the heap of Crime Fiction that lies on my bedside table. Some of my favorite authors in this genre are Janet Evanovich, Christian White and Michael Robotham. I am quite eclectic with my tastes though — I just love a good yarn — you'll find the works of Nicola Moriarty, Pip Drysdale, Todd Alexander, Margaret Atwood and Sophie Kinsella among many others on my shelves.

Ashleigh's Favourite Books