Environment Award for Children’s Literature

Since 1994, the Wilderness Society has been promoting a love of nature in kids through the Environment Award for Children's Literature.

The stories we read and enjoy as kids impact the adventures we take and the way we see and experience the natural world. Each year the shortlisted books provide a range of beautiful stories for kids that celebrate nature and its protection.

Purchase any of the 2021 shortlisted titles and Harry Hartog will donate
10% of sales to the Wilderness Society to protect the places we love.



The Power of Positive Pranking

Nat Amoore

Green Peas is our name and pranking's our game!
A symphony of alarm clocks at assembly? Yep, that was us. A stampede of fluffy guinea pigs? It's next on our agenda.
But for me, Cookie and Zeke, it's about more than just fun. We're determined to make a difference. And when the adults won't listen, us kids will find a way to be heard - as long as we can stay out of detention!
No activist is too small, no prank too big... and things are about to get personal.


Tree Beings

Raymond Huber, Sandra Severgnini, Dr. Jane Goodall (Foreword by)

We depend on trees for our survival, yet few of us understand just how fascinating these beings really are. With a foreword by the world-renowned anthropologist Jane Goodall, Tree Beings is an adventure through the secret world of trees. Challenging the perception that trees are just 'silent statues', it focuses on four big ideas...


The Giant and the Sea

Trent Jamieson, Rovina Cai (Illustrated by)

A giant stands on the shore, watching the sea. She never moves, never speaks, until the day she turns to a little girl and says, 'The sea is rising.'

The brave girl takes the message to the town. But when the people refuse to listen, the giant must find another way to save them.

Perfect for the children of the Climate Strike, this is a lyrical and deeply moving story about climate change, standing up for what you believe in, and the power of hope.