Dads can be notoriously hard to buy for. They can have everything they need for their hobbies, never need new clothes (stubbies are still in fashion, right?) and who needs DVDs when we’ve spent many an hour getting them set up on Netflix.

Books can be a great gift for the reader Dad, but what if he’s not a big reader? Or only reads a certain author? Or only has an interest in a niche subject that has only had one book written about it? (I wonder if my own personal experience is leaking into this article.)

Well, we’ve put our heads together and come up with a few suggestions that may appeal to the harder-to-buy-for Dad that won’t have you resorting to socks and ties this Father’s Day.


Coming in a range of awesome fragrances, Solid State gives you cologne in exactly what it says: a solid state. No more bottles that crack or break during travel or un-wieldy spray cans that take up way too much room while travelling. Solid State Cologne comes in a handy little tin that slides open revealing the cologne in a waxy state that you can rub onto the skin with a finger. Put on the pulse points and this cologne can last several hours without being over-powering.

Personal Side-Bar: I have had tins that last for months even with daily use. Favourite scent: Cruiser or Freshman.


The ultimate quirky gift for the whiskey connoisseur in your life, these glasses do not have a square bottom. Instead, these pointed bottom glasses are designed to roll (hence rock’n’roll glasses – I love a good pun) and give your dad’s favourite tipple room to breathe. These glasses are a definite talking (slurring?) point for the next gathering at Dad’s place. Remember, drink responsibly!


OK, stay with me here. If you are at all familiar with this game, you know it’s not exactly… um… appropriate for all age groups. After all the tagline for the game is ‘A Party Game for Horrible People’. But, when I played this game with my 60+ parents, we had so much fun. Trying to top each other with funny responses, having a laugh over who came up with what. The delightfully awkward questions from my parents when they asked about particular terms they didn’t know the meaning of. The belts of whiskey I had to down before and after answering them…Worth it!



OK, so Dad’s library is chock-a-block, and you don’t want to contribute to the growing fire hazard at his place. These two items are perfect for the book-loving papa and won’t have you stressing if he falls asleep reading by candlelight.

The Book Seat is a great way to keep your book open to the correct page and leave your hands free for coffee and biscuits and chocolate and chips… well, you get what I mean. This is also a great present for the device-addicted dad as the adjustable security strap is clear, allowing you an unobstructed view of the screen or text.

The Re-chargeable Book Light is pretty self-explanatory – recharge it through any USB charge point and this LED book light will keep going for up to 16 hours. With two brightness settings, this should save Dad some serious eye strain and light up his life (I told you I love a good pun… even terrible ones).

No matter what, Dads are some of the most awesome people we have in our lives. Always there and never judging, they are truly worth celebrating. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, grandads, fur-baby pappas and the dad’s we adopt to ourselves. You make us proud!