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The Real Krissy Marsh Cookbook

The Real Krissy Marsh Cookbook

By Krissy Marsh

Hardback | ISBN 9780645783100

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"Family and food go together like bread and butter, it is the perfect way to show someone you love them but also brings families together to create and share beautiful memories. I have loved writing this cook book as she showcases all the wonderful and beautiful places I have lived and travelled to. I want to share my experiences but also some of my family's cherished recipes that depicted warmth, togetherness and love of food.?

Krissy Marsh, a passionate culinary enthusiast and devoted family woman, invites you to join her on an incredible journey through the pages of The Real Krissy Marsh Cookbook. Bursting with cherished memories, diverse recipes, and heartfelt anecdotes, Krissy?s cookbook is a celebration of the power of cooking and how food can bring people together regardless of their culinary expertise and experience.

Krissy's deep love for cooking and entertaining has been inspired by her extensive travels and exposure to a myriad of cultures and cuisines. She has meticulously crafted each recipe to encompass the essence of her life experiences, offering readers a chance to step into her nonna's kitchen in Italy, savour an outback Aussie barbecue, or indulge in her take on yum cha in China?all within the comfort of their own home.

As a mother, wife, and fabulous entertainer, she believes that the act of cooking is more than just chopping ingredients; it's about creating happiness and fostering connections. With the cookbook, Krissy extends her belief that cooking is a skill that anyone can learn or enhance and encourages readers to embrace the journey of culinary growth.

The heart of the cookbook lies in the idea of involving everyone in the cooking process, turning it into a shared experience. Krissy's approach mirrors the joyous chaos of her own family gatherings, where every member contributes to the meal preparation, accompanied by laughter and camaraderie.

Join Krissy and her family in this wonderful, joyous celebration of love, culture and connection.


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Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780645783100
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Publisher: Marsh Group
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