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Asterix: Asterix The Legionary
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Australian First Oxford Dictionary
Australian Middle Primary Oxford Dictionary
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Australian Oxford Mini Dictionary
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Australian Primary Oxford Dictionary
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Bantam Crossword Dictionary
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Beautiful Revolutionary
Berlitz: Japanese Phrase Book & Dictionary - English Japanese Dictionary
Birds of Prey: Black Canary
Cambridge Essential English Dictionary
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Collins Australian Compact Dictionary
Collins Australian School Dictionary
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A.G. Lafley
Adam Lunney
Alex Langley
Alexis Lampley
Amanda Lohrey
Amy Lacey
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Ann Leary
Annie Lowrey
Anton Szandor LaVey
Ariel Levy
Ashley Leavy
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Bernard-Henri Levy
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Brian Lavery
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Collins Lily
Curators of the Chawton House Library
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Deborah Lipsky
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