Being a Harry Hartog Bookseller

The Harry Hartog Bookseller is the heart and soul of our bookshops; the beautiful combination of their passions, expertise and individual quirks plays a tremendous role in making our shops unique and keeping our customers coming back for more.

Being a Harry Hartog Bookseller is not a regular retail job. When you join our team you join a brigade of people committed to spreading a love of the written word. You become part of a group of individuals intemperate in their belief that stories – both real and imagined – open the door to worlds you may never have visited, lives you may never have encountered, and experiences you may never have undergone.

With every book you put in a pair of hands, you are contributing to the development of informed, empathetic and perceptive individuals each who, in turn, will go on to shape the world we live in.


What Harry Hartog Booksellers Are Made Of (Or, What We Look For in a Bookseller)

To be the best bookseller, you will first focus on providing extraordinary customer experience. You will be friendly, professional and passionate, sharing your love of books with whoever is front of you or on the telephone line. You will also be across the books we stock – both new and old -- and our exciting line of gifts and lifestyle, ready to make suitable recommendations on both fronts.

We also expect you to use your initiative when it comes to creating displays, planning and running special events and generating ideas for how to make your bookshop more unique and enticing.

Help us create the Harry Hartog adventure.