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The Harry Hartog Subscriber receives a hand-selected book direct to their door each month. Each title is curated by our experts, according to each subscribers specific reading tastes.

No matter what you love to read, our subscriptions are perfectly tailored to you. This is Australia's only tailored book subscription service and the ultimate reading and gifting experience.

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Subscriptions FAQ

What will I receive to give to the subscriber?

When you purchase online, if you select to receive a print at home document one will be automatically sent to your email. This A4 document explains how the Harry Hartog Subscription works and invites the recipient to get in touch with our team to tell us more about what they love to read. If you do not choose this option a physical version will be posted to the subscriber.

If you purchase in store, you will be given a postcard and a hand-stamped envelope to gift in person, or pop in the post. The postcard introduces the Harry Hartog Subscription.

Does each Subscriber receive the same book?

No! Our subscriptions are tailored to each subscribers reading tastes. This means every one of our subscribers receives a title selected specifically for them.

What if the subscriber has already read one of the books?

We focus on the most exciting new releases and lost classics from the archive to minimize the chances of a double up, but if the subscriber has already read the book, they can email subscriptions@harryhartog.com.au to arrange a swap.

If they don’t live close to any of our stores, a return by mail can be arranged through our subscriptions team and we will send out a replacement.

Does the Subscription include postage?

Yes, the price of each Subscription covers all postage costs.

Can the Subscription be cancelled or refunded?

The Harry Hartog Subscription cannot be cancelled or refunded because it is a form of Gift Card, and is therefore bound by the regulations outlined in Australia’s consumer law. You can read more about Gift Cards here, and if you have any more
questions please contact us via email.

I already have a Subscription. How do I update my preferences, contact details or renew?