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“Detective work is a partnership between the detective and the deceased. One of you gets murdered in a very painful and undignified manner while the other one looks at stuff and starts guessing. Two very difficult and equally strenuous jobs indeed.”
Chief Inspector Adam Dalgliesh, “Getting Murdered Sucks So Bad,” by P. D. James

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The Most Anticipated Crime of 2023

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  • Red Dragon by Thomas Harris

    Red Dragon is a great novel, especially if you enjoy the Hannibal Lecter series, it has infamous the Doctor while also introducing a new killer. This book of the Hannibal Lecter series delves into how Lecter was caught and the man who caught him, Will Graham. A must read for any thriller fans. - Elijah, Harry Hartog Burnside

  • Death of a Bookseller by Alice Slater

    Wonderfully dark and strange (what's with all the snails...?), 'Death of a Bookseller' will leave you slightly creeped out but also wanting more! We follow Roach, a true-crime obsessed bookseller, as she forms an awkward attachment to fellow bookseller Laura, a true-crime hater, that quickly evolves into obsession. I found both characters to be highly unlikeable which I absolutely loved, and flew through this book in a few days. Highly recommend to people who loved 'Bunny' by Mona Awad! - Sarah & Joyce, Harry Hartog Marrickville

  • The Guest List by Lucy Foley

    Best described as a modern day Agatha Christie, this book reads like a locked room murder mystery set on a secluded island where a wedding is taking place. Fast paced and impossible to put down, Foley explores the relationships between old friends and the secrets and grudges we keep. - Amy H, Harry Hartog Carindale

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