Harry Hartog opens a new chapter in bookselling

Inspired in part by a team of independent booksellers, and in part by the fantastical life of Harry Hartog himself.

More than simply a space lined with shelves, Harry Hartog is a meeting place between the worlds found inside books and the world around us. Our shops are for the adventurer, the student of life and the next generation of reader. Old fashioned quality and creative ideas are the cornerstone of our community.

Harry Hartog has identified a need within our local community bookshops to supply and promote products and services that meet ethical, sustainable and environmental trade practices. We use best endeavours to source product from suppliers that share this same commitment.

About Our Shops

Customers of all ages will discover a range of new and second hand books that continue to surprise and delight with every visit. Our stores don’t just stop at books, we have an extensive range of cards and amazing gifts you won't find anywhere else.

Whether you can't quite figure out the title of that book you are looking for, looking to order that special something, or are simply looking for advice on what to read next, our staff will be there to assist.

  • Our goal is to create proud establishments within our communities. We will strive to keep the passion of the physical book alive for years to come, and we sincerely hope you will join us in doing so.

    Come in and say hello, find a good book and relax.

    Welcome to our community.