Environmental & Community Statement

Harry Hartog is committed to a sustainable world. We carefully select our products for their timelessness; their ability to be passed on; and their enduring, everlasting magic.

Harry Hartog is a leading independent, family-run retailer of books, gifts and stationery. Our fifteen stores are located in Sydney (Bondi Junction, Marrickville, Miranda, Warringah, Narellan, Penrith); Green Hills; Kotara; Canberra (Woden, Tuggeranong and Australian National University); Adelaide; Maroochydore and Carindale.

Harry Hartog employs approximately 120 booksellers. We are committed in our promise to the creation and maintenance of a working environment that is healthy and supportive. Our core values are an illustration of our commitment to this working environment.


We run an exciting year-long programme of events, book clubs and workshops, the majority of which are complimentary and open to all. Through our events, we have built communities of interesting and engaged individuals who, together, learn new skills, expand their minds, and, most importantly, support one another. As technology replaces human-to-human interaction — and loneliness and isolation soar — we strive to create environments where all are welcome to connect, learn from each other and build deep, long-lasting and fruitful relationships.

Supply Chain

Our supply chains are made up of a wide array of suppliers of books, gifts and stationary. We source books from all over the world, and with our Gift and Lifestyle range, we strongly support locally made, Australian products, with many of the brands we stock being Australian.


We believe in the enduring magic of books. Unlike electronic devices – which are built with the sole aim of becoming obsolescent -- books are, in some way, always passed on: whether you hand one over to a loved one, recycle it, or sell it to a second-hand bookstore, a book and the knowledge contained within its pages is stored, recycled and perpetually repurposed, expanding countless of minds along the way.

Concern for the environment and the sustainability of our world is at the heart of our business. We take the social, environmental and economic contract between a business and the planet very seriously, respecting and caring for the world — our only world — that allows us to conduct our business.