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At Harry Hartog Tuggeranong we strive to create not just a place to buy books; but a vibrant hub for the local community. With regular author events, it fosters a sense of literary community. Our knowledgeable team members are passionate about books and love to provide personalized recommendations to all readers. Our delightful ambiance invites readers of all ages to browse, discover new titles, and engage in meaningful conversations. We invite you to truly celebrate the joy of reading and connect with people through the power of words.

Events in Canberra

Lea Ypi, Nick McKenzie, Anna Funder, they're all coming to Canberra! Find out more information below

  • Wildfire by Hannah Grace

    A truly great romance is hard to come by, Hannah Grace understood the assignment and then came back for extra credit. If you are a lover of sports romance, then this one is for you! Set to the backdrop of an American summer camp Wildfire is the romcom we all need! Heart-breaking and remaking all at once this book is the whole package. Cosy, funny, relatable and so steamy it'll make you blush. Russ Callaghan can call me sweetheart anytime. - Jaqui, Harry Hartog Tuggeranong

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  • Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

    Braiding Sweetgrass is the solace you need in the dreariness of other science books. Robin Wall Kimmerer's writing is engaging, yet delicate as she weaves together her experiences as a Potawatomi woman, and as a scientist. Kimmerer says it best herself: this book is "a braid of stories meant to heal our relationship with the world". - Phoebe, Harry Hartog Tuggeranong

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