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An Ultimate Hero Collection/Secret Bodyguard/Most Eligible Sheriff/Taming Her Navy Doc/In Love with the Firefighter

An Ultimate Hero Collection/Secret Bodyguard/Most Eligible Sheriff/Taming Her Navy Doc/In Love with the Firefighter

By B.j. Daniels

| ISBN 9781867257240

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Secret Bodyguard - B.J. Daniels

Amanda Crowe's baby girl has been kidnapped, and in the shadowy world in which she lives, there's no one to trust except herself. But she hasn't counted on Jesse McCall getting in her way - a man who is more than he seems...

Posing as Amanda's driver, undercover cop Jesse McCall is assigned to watch the mobster's daughter. But he can't ignore Amanda's heart-wrenching effort to bring her child home, nor her siren's call luring him ever closer. As a cop, Jesse has a duty to fulfill. But as Amanda's lover, he'll protect her and her baby from all harm - even if it means breaking the law.

Most Eligible Sheriff - Cathy McDavid

Las Vegas casino manager Ruby McPhee needs to lay low while the police deal with a stalker at work. So she's trading in her high heels for cowboy boots and assuming her twin sister's identity at the Gold Nugget Ranch. Ruby only plans on staying in Sweetheart, Nevada until the threat back home has passed. But then she discovers a detail her sister forgot to mention - the handsome sheriff she's dating.

It only takes a single kiss for Cliff Dempsey to realise the woman in his arms is someone entirely different...and completely irresistible. To protect Ruby's secret, Cliff maintains her ruse, but soon the lines between duty and desire begin to blur. Ruby and Cliff know they have a once-in-a-lifetime connection, but will they have a chance to let their love grow?

Taming Her Navy Doc - Amy Ruttan

Finally the injured Navy SEAL brought to surgeon Erica Griffin in the dead of night has a name: Captain Thorne Wilder - her new commanding officer! Five years on he's just as gorgeous as Erica remembers...but now he's totally off-limits!

Thorne has been left damaged, brooding and untamable after the loss of his dreams - and beautiful Erica is an unwanted complication! She might be as wary of relationships as he is, but fighting temptation will be the biggest battle of all...

In Love With The Firefighter - Amie Denman

Moving to Cape Pursuit, Virginia, gives Nicole Wheeler the fresh start she desperately needs. But there's a catch: Kevin Ruggles, the handsome firefighter who welcomes her to town. Kevin is brave, ambitious and committed to the same career that killed her brother. Nicole can't go down that path matter how much her heart protests.


ISBN: 9781867257240
Publish/Release date:
Publisher: Harlequin Enterprises (Australia) Pty Ltd
Number of pages: 800
Width (mm): 130
Height (mm): 199
Depth (mm): 54

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