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Arabic Poems

Arabic Poems

By Marle Hammond

Hardback | ISBN 9781841597980

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A bilingual anthology of poems from the sixth century to the present, Arabic Poetry is a one-of-a-kind showcase of a fascinating literary tradition.Themes of love, nature, religion, and politics recur in works drawn from the pre-Islamic oral tradition to those anticipating the recent Arab Spring

The Arabic poetic legacy is as vast as it is deep, spanning a period of fifteen centuries in regions from Morocco to Iraq. As a unifying principle, editor Marle Hammond has selected eighty poems reflecting desire and longing of various kinds- for the beloved, for the divine, for the homeland, and for change and renewal. Poets include the legendary pre-Islamic warrior 'Antara Ibn Shaddad, medieval Andalusian poet Ibn Zaydun, the wandering poet Al-A'sha, and the influential Egyptian Romantic Ahmad Zaki Abu Shadi. Here too are literary giants of the past century- Khalil Jibran, author of the bestselling The Prophet; popular Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani; Palestinian feminist Fadwa Tuqan; Mahmoud Darwish, bard of occupation and exile; acclaimed iconoclast Adonis, and more. In their evocations of heroism, nostalgia, mysticism, grief, and passion, the poems gathered here transcend the limitations of time and place.


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Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781841597980
Publish/Release date:
Publisher: Everyman
Number of pages: 256
Width (mm): 114
Height (mm): 165
Depth (mm): 20

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