Bibliotonic Voucher Terms & Conditions

Expiry date

A Bibliotonic voucher is valid for use within three (3) years from the date of issue.

Limitations on use

The Bibliotonic voucher can only be redeemed for purchases made in store. Bibliotonic vouchers cannot be used as tender for online orders. Harry Hartog Bibliotonic vouchers must be presented in-store at Harry Hartog to be accepted as valid tender. Each Bibliotonic voucher is unique and will contain a unique Bibliotonic voucher number. This must be verified at point of sale for the voucher to be accepted in-store as valid tender at point of sale. Only Bibliotonic vouchers with valid numbers can be accepted as tender at point of sale. Bibliotonic vouchers may be used to make purchases up to the set voucher value. If you wish to make a purchase for an amount that exceeds the voucher value, you must pay the difference using another payment method.

Lost, damaged or stolen gift or exchange vouchers

Bibliotonic vouchers cannot be replaced or refunded if lost or stolen.

Restrictions on low value use and receiving change

If the value of a transaction is lower than the value of the balance of the Bibliotonic voucher, an exchange voucher will be issued. Please see our returns policy.

If the value of the Bibliotonic voucher/exchange voucher is less than $5.00, a cash refund will be issued.

Refunds on gift voucher purchases

Once purchased, you are unable to cancel your Bibliotonic voucher and redeem the balance as cash Bibliotonic vouchers/exchange vouchers cannot be returned in exchange for another tender, cash or discount. A Bibliotonic voucher will only be reissued if it is proven to be faulty or damaged due to the fault of Harry Hartog.

Fees and charges

Not applicable.

Loyalty points

Harry Hartog Loyalty points are not accrued on the purchase of Bibliotonic vouchers.

Loyalty points can be accrued on redemption of your Bibliotonic voucher/exchange where applicable.

Bibliotonic Availability

Harry Hartog reserves the right to book a time for each Bibliotonic experience that works with the selected store roster, and the availability of a qualified bookseller.

The Bibliotonic experience can only be conducted in person at one of our shops.

Completing Questionnaire

All recipients of a Bibliotonic voucher must complete a short questionnaire selecting the Harry Hartog shop to host your Bibliotonic experience, and nominating what reading genres are of most interest.