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Alien Invasion Short Stories

Alien Invasion Short Stories

By Patrick Parrinder

Hardback | ISBN 9781786647689

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Visitors from other planets have long obsessed us. H.G. Wells' War of Worlds spawned a huge wave of speculative fiction but the roots of such fears run deep in our literature, where the mysteries of other cultures have long threatened the familiar and the comfortable. Did aliens build the ancient pyramids? do they live amongst us today? what happens when they invade? And are they just the people from the next valley? or country? or planet? Would it be an inevitable act of aggression, one of assistance and care, or simply a reminder of our paltry existence in a crowded universe? Flame Tree's successful Gothic Fantasy series brings a brilliant new mix of classic and new writing, in this beautiful edition.


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Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781786647689
Publish/Release date:
Publisher: Flame Tree Publishing
Number of pages: 480
Width (mm): 153
Height (mm): 234
Depth (mm): 36

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