• Over the last 10 years our community of booksellers and customers have worked closely with the Indigenous Literacy Foundation to raise funds. Today, as our network of shops grow and our team becomes more and more familiar with connecting the story of the ILF with our customers, we hope in 2023 to raise more than $150,000 from within the Harry Hartog group of bookshops. As a company we are thrilled by the extent of this support.

  • Fostering Literacy for Lifelong Success

    Building a strong foundation in literacy is crucial for fostering comprehension, context, and understanding, whether it's through written, visual, or auditory means. For children who may miss this vital step in their literacy journey, the consequences can last a lifetime.

  • Addressing Limited Access to Reading Materials

    Many remote communities across Australia lack essential infrastructure like libraries and bookstores, resulting in severely restricted access to reading materials. This limitation significantly affects the educational opportunities and achievements of Indigenous children.

  • Empowering Communities through ILF's Three Vital Programs

    ILF's initiatives encompass three essential programs: Book Supply, Book Buzz, and Community Publishing. These programs are dedicated to ensuring that quality resources, including books in First Languages, are readily accessible.

  • With the opening of more Harry Hartog bookshops in 2023, we hope to continue to raise more money and awareness for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, and to see more of these wonderful children with their beautiful smiles. Every donation made, no matter how small, is put to work in remote Communities like the Yakanarra School in the Kimberley region of North Western Australia.

On Wednesday 6th September 2017 booksellers from Harry Hartog and Berkelouw Books joined with children from the Yakanarra mob, VIP guests and schools who were visiting the Sydney Opera House to celebrate Indigenous Literacy Day. Since 2017 the combined contribution over the life of the partnership from our group of 19 Harry Hartog and Berkelouw bookshops to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation is reaching $350,000.