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Otherwordly Black Book Sleeve

Otherwordly Black Book Sleeve

The Quirky Cup Collective

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Behold, the extraordinary Otherworldly Book Sleeve – a sanctuary for your literary and technological wonders, where secrets are bound in its capacious design.

Crafted from lush soft velvet and adorned with intricate embroidery, this sleeve is a masterpiece of magical details. The satin lining adds a touch of luxury to the protective embrace, making it as elegant as it is functional. Versatility is key, accommodating not just standard-sized books but also those larger, chonkier volumes that demand a little extra space. Before you embark on your literary escapades, just take a moment to check the measurements – we've designed this bad boy to be the perfect fit for your diverse collection of literary treasures.

 Key Features:

  • Plush velvet exterior for a touch of luxury
  • Satin lining for gentle protection
  • Thoughtfully padded to safeguard your books and tablet devices
  • Sturdy zipper closure for secure storage
  • Intricate embroidery for a personalized and artistic touch
  • Back pocket for Kindle, phone, or stationery essentials

Size & Device Details

  • Kindle Scribe & other kindle models
  • All iPads except for 12.9inch models
  • Remarkable Tablets
  • Can fit a Hardcover 'Crescent City' by SJM

As always, please be sure to check your measurements to make sure your device matches up with our dimensions. Please see the measuring guide below.  

Item Details

- Original Design by The Quirky Cup Collective
- 24.5 x 30cm (inside 24.5 x 28cm)
- Zipped Enclosure 
- Back pocket with zipper
- Detailed Embroidery
- Inside Padding
- Lush Velvet 
- 100% Polyester
- Lined with Satin
- Tassel zipper
- Created and drawn with love!


If you would like to check that your book or device fits your book sleeve, it is best to measure going by the circumference. The circumference of the sleeve opening is roughly 45cm (17.71 inches), so measure the circumference of your book or device to determine if it will fit. Anything 45cm and under should be able to fit inside the sleeve. 


- Please hand wash at a maximum temperature of 40 Degrees Celsius. 
- Lay flat and let naturally dry



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Brand: The Quirky Cup Collective

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